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About us and FAQ

About us and FAQ

Q: Who is Loco1hobby?


We are a Train model hobby shop based in the Kansai region
in Osaka.

We are an authorized dealer of Kato, Tomix, Microace, Greenmax,
world craft, modemo and many others.

We sell N Scale/N gauge, Ho Z N and some Narrow scales.

Please contact us if you require any help ordering or have
a question about our products.

Q: What about Loco1hobby`s prices?


It depends on the item, However you will find we are usualy much cheaper than any local source even after factoring in shipping.

Nearly everything is permanently discounted by 10 to 20% from list price.

For example Almost every model train in N scale from Major brands such as Tomix, Kato Microace and Greenmax is 20% off. We do our best to keep consitency of pricing for all. Unlike other shops that offer 20% off one and lower on another.

Even with the higher shipping costs from Japan and the high yen rate, most products are still lower than when acquired outside of Japan.

Q: Your prices are in Japanese yen, Can I pay in my local currency?


Loco1hobby accepts Payment through Paypal and all major credit cards via PayPal for payment.

We will charge you in yen, and PayPal or your card issuer via PayPal will do the conversion to your local currency.

For reference you can check sites like please note that this is only an estimate and paypal or creditcard issue may be different.

Also upon check out when You are moved to the secure SSL Encrypted page Paypal will usually tell you the expected price in your currency before submitting the order.

Q: Isn't shipping Expensive?


Since shipping can be expensive we offer various ways to ship.

Naturally it costs more than domestic mail-order, However we do offer to split orders up into multiple small packet parcels where possible.

Upon check out of our shop it will show Estimated costs, While 99% of the time the price is accurate it maybe more or less. We will notify and adjust accordingly if needed.

Please see shipping page for more details Here.

Q: What about import duty and taxes?


For customers in the U.S., there is no import duty or taxes on hobby items or toys. Customers in other countries will usually have to pay some import duty and possilbly other fees. Duty and fees vary greatly from country to country please check with your local customs office for help on this.

Contact us for help on invoice declarations if needed.

Please note that any customs duties and fees are the responsibility of the customer

Q: How do I know what's in stock? Is everything listed on these pages always available?


Due to customer requests we keep the listing of out of stock items for refference or library purposes.

However we do by default have the site to show these items last and prioritse instock items.

Some items Are also set to Back Order! This will show as in stock with a note that it may take up to 14 days to supply (Usually a week, less some times even)

This means we do not have it in stock but it may still be orderable from manufacturer.

Please note it is not a guarantee as stock changes very quick and manufacturers do not have quick listing updates.

We will usuallycontact you back with in 24 hours mon - fri about stock shortage or sell out of these items.

Q: Okay, how do I order?


It's super simple! While browsing our product catalog, just click the "Add to Cart"  button on the product pages, just like any other web store. When you've selected your final item, click on the "Checkout" button to confirm your purchases, and then proceed to the checkout page.

(review the checkout process HERE).

Please note that you are required to register an account. But do not worry we do not provide or keep any sesitive details, only shipping information. Plus the added benefit of acquiring points!

If you require any help please contact us on Here