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DioTown Brown Hall


DioTown Brown Hall

Kato DioTown Brown Hall N Gauge structure

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Kato 23-459B

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● The scene model and N gauge model railroad, the expression of the streets and residential areas, shopping street of nostalgia-station
You are able to reproduce faithfully. Building various kinds, pure Japanese Showa period centered on 1965
Ideal for reproduction of a cityscape. A melting pot of old and new, from the local landscape of the era was the protagonist SL
building up to the current urban landscape is a mix of local, widely available.

- The "Showa Era" of nostalgia to remember is ...]
● prewar and postwar across the Pacific War:
A major shift in the boundary of the end of World War II / Pacific War from the early Showa period were affected by the Taisho era unique
Has undergone post-war period "Showa". Even among those undergoing rapid transformation in the heart of the big city, the number of times
It is a time when the landscape was a mix of telling.
● the golden age of rail:
Beginning with the development of full-fledged railway business, the emergence of "train" that nationwide deployment "and" Hikari super express,
And to the abolition of alternation of generations, a variety of old and new vehicles had been active from the heyday SL.
● landscape of the town:
Postwar Showa period, Taisho modern unique buildings and traditional orderly in major cities,
Modern architecture had been mixed. In regional cities, a Japanese landscape from old net is also throughout
I had to remain strong.

Brown [hall]
● The building, which is referred to as the "architectural style 擬洋" wooden since the Meiji era, appeared throughout the country, and government agencies
There were many such as hospitals, schools, police, building highly public. Entrance (entrance) is placed in front
Appearance are, are configured symmetrical features. Depending on the application and the size of the facility, the building of the left and right
I was also present buildings of different lengths and rank. Carriage and called "driveway", the front portion
What you get on and off from the roof of the car or to be provided, with a balcony on the second floor
I have seen many. Ornate decoration for style are often used in buildings such as the government
Although not, it boasted a majestic stance as a landmark of the city. For the purposes of the original construction
Facility that is used has become less, I see a lot of buildings in different parts of the same still
You can.
● model, the characteristics of the building that was used at that time, such as government offices, public buildings indispensable to streets
Has been faithfully reproduced by expressing every detail (such as windows, tiled roof, wooden siding Paste)
You. And planting trees in the grounds and parkland on both sides of the front building, placing the doll-car
Further spread fun. Moreover, since it can also be removed from the site and the building only, small
Can also be used in the layout of the space. Private seal further enhance the mood
I have come with.

● Roof: Red, Wall Brown:

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DioTown Brown Hall

DioTown Brown Hall

Kato DioTown Brown Hall N Gauge structure

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